Alien Ship 2.0 released

After a bit of a hiatus, Alien Ship 2.0 is officially ready. A lot has changed from the 1.x versions, but the main thing is this: if you’re not a developer or have some understanding of Grunt and Sass, this theme is not for you. Also, this is not an upgrade. If you’ve customized the 1.x version in a child theme, updating the parent to 2.0 will break your site.

For quite some time this theme has been used by a lot of people as a regular theme, keeping the default look. But it was never really meant to be used like that. It’s meant to give you a head start on developing a custom theme. Honestly, the theme is quite ugly without making custom design changes – mainly because Bootstrap itself is quite ugly in its default state.

Practically everything has changed in this theme. See the change log. Read the code. If you have suggestions for improving the theme so that it’s a better starter theme, let me know.

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