Coming soon: Sass support

Version 2.0 will bring a lot of changes. Among them are:

  • Sass (Bootstrap now has an official Sass port)
  • Grunt
  • Concatenation and minification of CSS and JavaScript assets for production environments
  • Removal of the Theme Options framework (some options will move to Customizer)
  • Removal of most template action hooks (add only what you need)
  • Removal of the site-wide header image feature in favor of post/page Featured Images
  • A lot of file restructuring (more on this later)

Alien Ship is meant to be a starter theme for developing new websites. As such, I’m redoing things to make it an even better fit. It’s not meant to be a theme you update when I release a new version. If you do that with 2.0, you will break your site.

I’m excited to remove some of the code lying around from the earlier versions. If you have questions, suggestions, or requests, shoot me an email.

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