On hiatus

Development is on hold for an indeterminate time. For Base Station to be what I want it to be, I’ll have to rewrite it from the ground up.

I’ve been using my other starter theme, Alien Ship, for project work – mostly because I’ve had to support older, crappy browsers that Foundation doesn’t support. Over the past year or so, Foundation has been too progressive for what my clients required and I couldn’t use it. But, that’s all changing because I’m done supporting legacy garbage.

When the next suitable project comes up, I’ll be working with Foundation again. I don’t know when that will be, but hopefully soon. Until then, I’m pulling Base Station from here and Github.

Foundation 4 coming to Base Station soon

I’ve started the process of upgrading the theme to use Foundation 4, and I hope to have a beta out sometime this week. I’ve updated the grid and top menu. There is still work to do with Featured Posts using Orbit, the Main Menu (nav-bar which was dropped in F4 and achievable through other ways), and general refinement.

I also want to add Clearing support to gallery posts.

Updates to come later this week.

Update: Base Station 1.0 alpha is now available and comes with Foundation 4.

Base Station 0.9.3 released

Version 0.9.3 is now available for download. It fixes a small bug where the comment icon wasn’t show up, and contains some other changes that might be considered “breaking changes”.

In the interest of making things leaner I’ve removed some things.

The theme no longer supports the custom.css or custom_functions.php files. This was a carryover from my Alien Ship theme, and was originally added there, by request, so that people wouldn’t have to create child themes to do custom CSS or custom functions. It’s way too easy to create child themes, and Base Station contains a starter style.css in the child_theme folder that makes it easy for people who are just learning.

I also removed the bundled Open Sans font files. I originally bundled them because I needed them in a project that wouldn’t be pulling them from Google Fonts. Having built several sites since then that didn’t use the font, I decided to rip it out to make the theme downloads smaller and to clean things up. You can easily use Google for this, or find them in other places on the web.

If you have any questions about this release, head on over to the Base Station support forum and post a message.

Now supporting off-canvas layout for navigation

As of version 0.9.1 Base Station now supports an off-canvas layout for the responsive version of the Main menu. If you’ve used Facebook’s mobile apps or their mobile website, you’re already familiar with off-canvas navigation. It’s the nifty little menu that slides in from the side when you tap the menu button. To see a demo of the off-canvas navigation, visit the demo page. Resize your browser until the “Menu” button appears, or visit the page on your smartphone.

Thanks to the guys at Zurb for putting together this library for use in their Foundation framework. To find out more about the thoughts and technical details behind this design, head on over to zurb.com for more details.

The Base Station is online

The Base Station is built and the lights are on.

Base Station is a WordPress starter theme integrated with the Zurb Foundation front-end framework. If you’ve seen my Alien Ship theme, which is integrated with Bootstrap, you’ll be instantly familiar with this theme. It’s practically identical, except it has all the Foundation goodness instead of the Bootstrap goodness.

It didn’t take me long to transform Alien Ship into Base Station. There are a lot of similarities between the Bootstrap and Foundation. I did some search and replace actions to change the theme name, function names, grid classes, etc. and that got a lot of it. I rewrote the slider to use the Zurb Orbit slider. I also had to rebuild the navigation walkers to work with Foundation, and I must say I really dig the responsive top bar. The grid and the navigation menus in Foundation just “feel” good.

Development will continue on both Alien Ship and Base Station.

Base Station is now in a public beta. I have a few kinks to work out, but overall it’s a great starter theme for developers who want the power of Foundation in a WordPress theme. I still need to port over the documentation and such, but in the meantime you can refer to the Alien Ship documentation if needed. If you’d like to contribute, the project will be on Github soon. In the meantime, feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

Featured posts grid

In addition to a featured posts slider, the theme includes a featured posts grid. Just like the slider, it uses the posts’ featured images for photo display. And just like the slider, using images that are the same size is recommended. If no image is attached, the post excerpt is displayed. And of course the grid is responsive.

You can enable the featured posts grid in the Theme Options page.

Screenshot of the featured posts grid

Featured posts slider demo


This is a featured posts demo. You can display this slider at the top of your post index, or you can insert it into any post or page using a shortcode. This particular slider was inserted with the shortcode, which means I could have put it anywhere on this site. If you prefer it to show at the top of your posts index, just enable it in the Theme Options page.

An alternative to the featured posts carousel is the featured post grid.

This is a test post, using the Status post format, to show how the Status page template works. The Status page template displays all posts that are of the Status post format.