Base Station 0.9.3 released

Version 0.9.3 is now available for download. It fixes a small bug where the comment icon wasn’t show up, and contains some other changes that might be considered “breaking changes”.

In the interest of making things leaner I’ve removed some things.

The theme no longer supports the custom.css or custom_functions.php files. This was a carryover from my Alien Ship theme, and was originally added there, by request, so that people wouldn’t have to create child themes to do custom CSS or custom functions. It’s way too easy to create child themes, and Base Station contains a starter style.css in the child_theme folder that makes it easy for people who are just learning.

I also removed the bundled Open Sans font files. I originally bundled them because I needed them in a project that wouldn’t be pulling them from Google Fonts. Having built several sites since then that didn’t use the font, I decided to rip it out to make the theme downloads smaller and to clean things up. You can easily use Google for this, or find them in other places on the web.

If you have any questions about this release, head on over to the Base Station support forum and post a message.

3 thoughts on “Base Station 0.9.3 released

  1. hello

    thanks a lot for your theme. it is amazing for beginners.
    now I need to know if the child theme for base station theme only work in folder into base station theme?

    is it works out of there?


Please post support requests in the forums.

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