Customer-inspired products

It seems that nearly every product creator in the WordPress space thinks about their products as if those products were the center of their customers’ universes. That’s probably not true in most cases. When speaking in the context of their websites, the customers’ businesses are the center of their universe.

When creators think their products are the center, it leads to them putting their branding and links all over the place – in the admin bar, in the side bar, in dashboard widgets, in admin notices, and so on.

This rarely provides the value to customers that the product creators perceive that it does, and in some cases it’s the blatant plastering of advertising all over someone else’s property. The placement is usually not thoughtful and it creates more distractions, and in the case of advertising it’s downright disrespectful.

We should think long and hard before adding these things to our products. These are the customers’ websites after all. Are these things necessary? Are they customer inspired? Are we doing the right thing? Are there better ways to serve the customers needs while not entirely neglecting our own? If we use these principles, I’m pretty sure we’ll create better outcomes for everyone.