Like moths to a flame

Moth to a flame

Moth to a flame

It’s getting late and I’m sitting here just staring at the computer. Flipping between things – the code editor, my website, Twitter, and the notepad where I jot down my thoughts.

This late I’m not really getting much done, except feeding that inner hunger for whatever the hell it is that draws me to this light. This computer is a portal to any number of places in the world. Yet, it’s just a box that glows. If a caveman saw me looking at it, he’d think I’m stupid or something.

The content on the screen changes from minute to minute and each time a new world emerges. Yet, to the caveman it’s all the same. Me, staring at the glow, touching it, for long periods of time.

Think about the concept, not the details. Now imagine you can see the hundreds of millions of people around the world doing the same thing right now.

Just sitting there, touching a box that glows.

Like moths to a flame.

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