2 thoughts on “The ‘Busy’ Trap

  1. joseph says:

    Good article. From my perspective, I think this busyness is about a loss of Sabbath in our society. There is no deliberate time for rest or play. We have lost the sense of the true nature of time. It is not hours that we fill with stuff, it is a gift from God and how we “use” it speaks to that relationship with God and what’s important in life.

    • The world is very much out of balance, or so it seems to me in my measly little brain. We’re so caught up in working for excess and planning for the distant future we often forget about right now, which is all we’re ever guaranteed on this planet. The Bible speaks pretty clearly about excess and worrying about the future. Wise words for everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs.

      The good news is that we’re born with inclinations contrary to the prevailing culture. We just need to teach ourselves and our children to stop the lunacy.

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