Tweeting your weight is not the future

If this is the future, shoot me now.

I don’t like frictionless sharing. It adds a ton of noise, little or no value, and dilutes existing value. It creates problems and solves nothing.

We need more thoughtful and purposeful sharing, not mindless automated sharing. Quality over quantity. Help prevent this mindless noise and abstain from automated sharing.

Besides, what’s social about mindless automation?

6 thoughts on “Tweeting your weight is not the future

  1. Joseph says:

    Nike has an app which will put on Facebook how far a person runs. Just as annoying and meaningless. I suppose these published metrics are about accountability. But in light of everything else blasted over social media, it is not accountability but more like boasting.

    • Agreed. I think we all want to be heard, in some way, whether it be related to career, fun, philosophy, or whatever. The irony is the automation makes it harder to be heard and generally the content is less meaningful, so if we’re heard at all it’s not something that fosters interest and/or reciprocation.

      I find myself avoiding the noise more and more, opting instead to tune into a handful of people who produce more genuine and purposeful content.

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