The Lost City

As I sat on the hard bench in the freezing cold by the river, I began to contemplate the odd behavior before me. Not just what was happening right there in that moment, but what I have observed everywhere my whole life.

Humans. Exhibiting odd behavior. All the time. Everywhere. A species lost, without even knowing it.

Would a man take the easiest path through the woods if he knew it was filled with plants poisonous to the touch?

How far will he go before he realizes he’s lost?

How can he correct his course if he has no idea he’s lost?

Hello Kitty



Hi, there. My name is Kitty. By all accounts, I’m the cutest cat in these parts. I mean, have you looked at me? But, I have a trick up my sleeve… or rather my anus. The mind-controlling cat dookie parasite.

Surely you’ve heard of me by now? I have mind control over Deebo. But, seriously. I have this cool parasite in my poop that infects rodents, and when it does, I get to eat!

It’s really quite fascinating, if you’re into cool tricks. Copperfield has nothing on my ass. Don’t believe me? Well, it affects you silly humans too! So, am I really this cute or is that the parasite talking?


I surveyed the land and all I saw were sheep, unaware that the wolves were lurking in the shadows. Unaware that they have become entirely dependent on the shepherd that pretended to care for them. Unaware that the grass they were eating had been poisoned. Unaware that the coats that protected them would be stolen. Unaware that they were to be sold to the highest bidder. Just a commodity, a resource. No love, despite the theatre suggesting otherwise.