The common American Robin

Our den is a great place to sit and watch the animals that just looove our back yard. As I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of birds to be seen this year – including the very common American Robin. It’s probably one of the most prevalent birds in the US, and as such is often ignored and under appreciated. They have a wonderful song and can be feisty and full of character at times. They take a few steps in a quick burst, stop, cock their heads to the side, and inevitably yank a worm right out of the ground. The Robin seems to be one of the best at finding something to eat, which may explain their large numbers. At any rate, I find all life forms fascinating and thought I’d share a few pics I snapped of a somewhat young Robin enjoying a bath in our back yard.

This first pic made me laugh because this little fella resembles a penguin with the way he’s holding his body.

American Robin at the birdbath looking like a penguin

In the second pic he’s in the middle of a refreshing bath. I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to go swimming in a mountain river somewhere.

American Robin taking a bath

In this third pic he’s pausing to check his surroundings. I just love the way the feathers are standing up on his head. To me, it gives him a little adolescent feisty look.

American Robin in the birdbath with head feathers standing up

In this fourth pic I’ve been busted! He caught me observing his bath time and decided he didn’t like me or the big black canon (actually a Nikon :p ) pointed his way. After this intimidating look he took flight and went about his merry life – probably to find another worm for lunch.

American Robin catches me observing him